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Welcome to S. Baker Medical

Providing Quality Orthopedic Bracing, CPAP, and  Home Medical Equipment to Mobile & Surrounding Areas

At S. Baker Medical, our top priority is to make sure our customers have access to high-quality orthopedic bracing and home medical equipment that will help them maintain their independence and improve their health and mobility. We offer orthopedic braces, pain management devices, CPAP therapy and rehabilitation equipment from leading manufacturers.  Our team of experts can help find the right solution to meet your unique home healthcare needs.

If you need an orthopedic brace, you can trust our experienced staff to help you find the right brace to fit your needs. We offer customized brace fitting at our office.  You may schedule an appointment or just stop in, one of our experts will evaluate and fit you for a brace along with answering all your questions.

We also have the latest in CPAP equipment, supplies, and accessories.  Our highly experienced and professional staff will work with you individually. Providing you with a guaranteed proper fit and the necessary education to ensure you have a positive therapy experience.  You will be having sweet dreams again in no time.

If you want to make sure we have the brace or equipment you need, please browse our online catalog.


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