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Lumbar Spinal-Air Decompression LSO Brace

Category: Back Braces

Manufacturer: Spinal Rehab Solutions, Inc.

Completely different from other traditional support belts that primarily limit mobility to the spine. During inflation, the SR 500 creates spinal decompression as the vertical air chambers expand, pushing upward on the lower part of the rib cage while pushing downward on the upper part of resulting in a decrease of axial loading which reduces the pressure within the lumbar spine region, significantly reducing pain levels.

Another unique feature that makes the SR 500 Brace the perfect solution and the most versatile brace of its kind is the detachable anterior and posterior rigid panels. Designed especially for the patient who cannot tolerate wearing a rigid body jacket although requires the extra spinal stabilization and support of one. As the patient advances with their active-rehabilitation, the need for another brace is eliminated by simply removing the detachable rigid panels either one at a time or both altogether to easily convert to a soft LSO (Limbar Sacral Orthosis) for greater flexibility.

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