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Swift™ FX for Her Nasal Pillows Mask

Category: CPAP Equipment and Supplies

Manufacturer: ResMed

The Swift™ FX for Her Nasal Pillows Mask delivers all the comfort of our groundbreaking Swift FX™ in a female-friendly design. With its petite size and low level of facial coverage, the Swift™ FX for Her was created to accommodate the slightly smaller facial contours of female patients. The mask’s minimal design creates a feeling of freedom, and its stylish colors and petite frame make therapy less intimidating and easier to accept for sleep apnea patients.

Features & Benefits:

- Stable. Even at high treatment pressures, the Swift™ FX for Her stays in place and maintains an effective seal while patients move throughout the night
- Easy to use. Once the right pillow size is selected, adjusting the mask is simple and intuitive for the patient, saving valuable time for clinicians and sleep professionals
- Patient-friendly. With its stylish colors and design, the Swift™ FX for Her offers a non-intimidating look and feel that promotes patient acceptance and adherence
- Comfortable. The flexible, fluid design conforms to patients’ facial contours and bends easily as they move around
- Petite. The low-profile backstrap with Velcro fasteners is available in a small size and feminine pink color
- Quiet. The mask's vents diffuse and direct airflow quietly away from the patient and her bed partner

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